Five essential questions for first-time buyers to ask

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Getting your foot on the property ladder is an exciting milestone achievement, but sometimes the thrill and stress can make us forget to find out the most vital information. Here are five things you should be asking so you can avoid any nasty and potentially expensive surprises down the line.

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Is The Location Suitable?

When viewing a property, remember to ask about the location and external factors such as parking, nearest schools, shops, local amenities, phone and internet reception, and the outside of the building and its grounds. Some historic structures are protected, and this prevents homeowners from changing the building’s exterior in any way, such as installing double glazing.

Does The Property Have a Leasehold?

Owning a property with a leasehold isn’t a bad thing and is common when buying a flat, but problems can arise if your leasehold has 80 years or fewer left. Extending a leasehold is costly, and selling a property with a short lease could be quite difficult. Learn more about buying a leasehold property at

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Have There Been Any Plumbing Problems?

Bad plumbing can lead to damp problems or flooding, which can be incredibly expensive to fix. Ask how old the boiler is and check if it works properly. You should also check the sinks, drains, toilets, bath/shower and the water tank. Look for signs of rust or damage and check that everything is functioning properly. Ask if the property is within a flood zone area and if it has ever previously flooded.

Are The Electrics Safe and Functioning?

Checking plugs, sockets, light switches, leads and cables for damage is something you can easily do yourself, but it’s worthwhile to get a professional to do a thorough check. It’s easy to find a local professional surveyor online. For example, if you’re looking for a home buyers survey London, you can visit websites like to find what you need.

Can You Find Any Evidence of Damp?

Damp is caused by excess moisture inside a property, and it can be seriously damaging to your health. It is difficult to get rid of, so it easier to look for potential problems before they start. Look for water stains, mildew or mould patches on the walls and ceilings, peeling or lifting wallpaper, condensation on windows or a musty smell.a


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