5 Safety Tips For Real Estate Agents

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Being a real estate agent may not seem like a particularly difficult or dangerous job, and in many cases, it isn’t. But the truth is that real estate agents can often end up in very sketchy, dangerous, or scary situations that they may not be well equipped to get out of. In many cases, the agent is a woman who is small in stature or unable to fend for herself physically. But because real estate agents are forced into positions where they are alone in strange places or on unfamiliar properties, they need to advocate for their own safety even more. Here are 5 safety tips for real estate agents whether you’re new in the industry or just need a refresher. 

Conceal And Carry

This may seem extreme, but as long as you are licensed and doing everything completely legally, there is nothing wrong with throwing on your conceal and carry pants before heading to an open house. Anytime you end up in a situation where you are surrounded by strangers, whether at work or not, you have the right to be able to protect and defend yourself if need be. You never know the type of people that are going to show up at these things either, and they could be very mentally unhealthy. Tread lightly but at the same time make sure you are protected. Carry your weapon with you at work if your employer and the laws in your area allow you to do so. And always remember to practice gun safety!

Use The Buddy System

You likely remember the “buddy system” from elementary, middle, or high school – where you would choose a  particular person to walk with and not go anywhere without that person. It is proven that this system actually works, as far fewer attacks are done on people traveling in couples or groups than on people who are walking or traveling alone. 

When navigating your way through a new home or property any time of day but especially after dark, try to use the buddy system as best as you can. Invite another agent, a lawyer, the lender, or even your own spouse or grown child to come along just to make sure you’re safe.

Trust Your Gut

When making appointments to meet with people or show them houses,  you will have to talk to a lot of different folks. Ultimately, due to the sheer fact that you only have a certain amount of hours each day, you will probably not be able to please everyone and take them to all of the showings they may want. Trust your gut when it comes to choosing the people you want to work with. Not everyone you meet is going to work well with you, and some of them may be there for all the wrong reasons. 

Being safe as a real estate agent is definitely possible, it just requires a little bit of effort. This year, try putting your own needs and safety first, and see the ways that it will transform your life and your career! 

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