Nonprofit Organization Shares The Right Way To Take Care Of A Lawn

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The Lawn Institute is a nonprofit organization that helps homeowners and professionals take care of lawns and landscapes. On their website, here, they offer tips for taking care of lawns. Lawns are an important feature of homes. They add to the quality of life of not just the homeowner but the entire neighborhood they live in. They increase the value of a property and go well with other landscape features such as bushes and flower beds. They provide a space for children to play and provide a cushioned place for them to fall. 

The Lawn Institute recommends turfgrass as the seed of choice when choosing what type of lawn to plant. Turfgrass provides the lowest maintenance solution. While they need to be mowed more often than other types of lawn grasses they cut the time that has to be spent pruning and weeding. They recommend mowing in the early morning or in the evening as that will cause the least amount of stress to your lawn. The grass should be dry as not only does the mower need to do less work but mowing a dry lawn reduces the risk of spreading disease that affects individual grass plants. 

Lawns need to be fertilized in order to add the minerals that grass needs. These get down into the root system and improve the health of the overall lawn. The three main minerals in fertilizer meant for grass are phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. These mineral help grass thrive and resist both drought and disease. They also aid grass becoming mature and aid in blooming. 

As some homeowners don’t have the time or inclination to maintain a lawn there are landscaping firms that will do it for them, usually at a pretty affordable price. Lawn maintenance Cleveland OH, for example, typically costs somewhere between $100 to $200 a month. The cost varies depending on if the service is just mowing the lawn or doing additional services such as edging, weeding, and/or fertilizing. These services can also take care of other landscaping tasks which can cost around $50 to $100 a month. This can include leaf blowing, trimming bushes and trees, and other services. 
There has been pushback against the use of outdoor power equipment used on landscapes, though. This news article discusses how these machines can be heard all day long in many neighborhoods, disrupting the peace. These machines also usually have two-stroke engines which are very harmful to the environment in addition to being noisy and smelly.

The article shares that running a leaf blower for just an afternoon can spew more pollution than driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck all the way across the nation. There are now a number of counties in the nation that have banned the use of any outdoor equipment that uses a two-stroke engine and other counties are considering it. The laws generally give the landscaping firms and individuals a period of time to transition over to electric power equipment before their two-stroke engine devices can no longer be used.


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