Area Landscaping Companies Keep This New England Town Looking Great

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Easton, CT, is a scenic, suburban town that is situated approximately 60 miles from New York City. In this upscale community, there are many beautiful homes that feature well-maintained lawns and gardens. In order to keep their lawns in tip-top shape, Easton, CT home and business owners regularly utilize the services of landscaping and lawn care companies. There are a large number of landscaping companies serving the Easton area, and they offer a wide variety of landscape services. 

When springtime arrives, Easton, CT, area landscaping companies usually start to get very busy. At many local homes and businesses, these companies perform comprehensive spring clean-up services. These clean-ups include clearing away branches and leaves, cleaning and edging flower beds, re-seeding and aerating, trimming trees and bushes and mowing lawns. Mowing lawns is at the very heart of the landscaping business, and the well-manicured lawns of the homes in Easton are generally mowed in neat, consistent rows. Because some of the houses in Easton, CT, are so large, it often requires a multi-person crew several hours to perform thorough lawn mowing services at just one property. 

Paying attention to detail is an important component when it comes to maintaining beautiful-looking lawns, and Easton, CT area landscaping companies usually make sure that every little detail is attended to. Weeding and edging are normally done when the lawn is mowed, and expert mulch installation is provided if requested. All sorts of plantings, fertilizing and weed control, and land clearing are available, as are gutter cleaning and emergency tree service. 

Gardens and flower beds are constructed and/or consistently maintained by Easton-area landscaping companies. Small home gardens, large commercial gardens, perennial gardens and flower barrels are always professionally constructed and pleasing to look at. In addition to general lawn maintenance Easton CT landscape companies can provide landscape design and landscape renovation work, as well as landscape drainage services. These services are available for properties of all sizes. 

Different types of masonry work are done throughout Easton by local landscaping companies. Stone walls and rock walls are installed at both residential and commercial properties, and steps and patios can be found at multiple Easton locations. As with the local residential properties, most of the properties that house businesses in Easton, CT, are well-landscaped. Landscaping companies service the various businesses on a regular basis, and it is common for these companies to provide year-round service. The aesthetically pleasing landscape work at Easton’s commercial properties includes arranged shrubs, specialty plantings and much more. During the autumn months, Easton, CT landscaping companies are very busy keeping up with the huge amounts of leaves that fall from the trees there. 

Being located in the northeastern United States, CT normally experiences a good amount of snow every winter. Fortunately, some of the landscaping and lawn care companies in Easton also provide snow removal services during the winter months. The plowing of driveways and shoveling of walkways are provided by lots of these companies, and some also offer ice dam removal work.


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