Team building with a twist

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What makes a team-building program useful and fun? Often team building sessions become boring because they feel compulsory. It is also not a good idea if the recreational time together turns into a long lecture or a drink. Many companies prefer to simply get over it, but there are exceptions. This is where escape room games come in.

What makes a team-building activity great?

A team-building activity is successful if it is both fun and exciting. The main goal is to bring participants closer together and to have a positive impact on the workday.

Playing escape room games instead of drinking

It’s worth choosing an escape room as a team-building venue, as it’s fun and brings colleagues closer together. For this reason, escape rooms are particularly suitable for this purpose. The game challenges participants to tackle unusual tasks, and good communication and joint thinking are essential. By working together, teams can overcome difficulties quickly. It is also an opportunity to show a previously unknown face to a colleague, which can deepen relationships.

Spontaneous team building

For escape room games, the ideal number of people is 5-6, as everyone gets to play their part. If you have a larger group than this, it is recommended to split the participants into several teams. The key is to bring together people who do not work together on a weekday. You can also organize spontaneous games together, as you can use a mobile escape room to turn the office into a playground for getting out and about!

Suitable for group development

In any workplace community, group development takes place. When more people are placed in a space, a sense of community begins to develop.  The power of community encourages us to find our place. It quickly becomes clear who is the leader in the group and who automatically follows others without a word. Over time, norms of behavior can be observed and everyone starts working towards a common goal.

How does the escape room help team building?

Social activities strengthen team spirit. This can include games in the escape room. A common goal brings people together and the feeling of achievement will have a positive impact on everyday life. The different tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently if everyone is actively playing. In the escape room, you quickly find out who is good at what, so you never know whose brain will come up with the solution. It also reveals who you can count on in extreme conditions. Communication improves, which is very useful in an office environment.

The main purpose of escape room games is to bring hidden skills to the surface and to work together to solve puzzles. It makes team building a truly memorable experience while getting to know each other better!

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