Reducing Waste: Why You Should Consider It

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Every human being on the planet knows that without the resources found on Earth we could not exist. Water? -We all drink it. Air? -We all breathe it. Gas? -Most of us burn it, and those that don’t rely on those that do. Chances are good that if you are connected to the internet you’ve heard all the arguments before… It saves the planet, it costs less, it feels good. But really, when was the last time that you applied each of those thoughts directly to yourself? 


Do you really believe that you alone can save us all? Of course not! That’s why you’re reading this article. So let’s only look at your immediate surroundings: start by counting the amount of plastic bottles in your house – it doesn’t matter what their for. An average home’s cleaning supplies alone carry more than enough plastic to create an eight by eight inch planter. That’s just about the right size for a sapling – a reusable pot can plant 4+ trees before breaking. That’s four more oxygen machines for us all, from a handful of bottles… now look at other plastics, cardboard, paper. It may be small, but the impact is real. 


Let’s take another look at that example from before. If you personally could make that planter out of your cleaning bottles and then turn around and sell that planter, what would the money look like? The average monthly cost of cleaning supplies is $42, and an 8 by 8 recycled planter on Amazon can reach $31. That literally lowers the cost you pay in cleaning supplies by three fourths! What about your other plastics? Include water bottles. At $1 or less per bottle to buy you can sell that mini planter for $2+. Now you’ve made profit! 


Maybe you’re a pragmatic soul and don’t get your kicks off of helping others. But do you realize what other physical benefits there are for you? Let’s say you live in Chicago, and let’s say you organize a plastic drive for all those planters you want to make. The physical effort can improve your blood flow – something proven to improve your mood as well as your health. The mental effort of charging someone with dumpster rental Chicago can improve your disposition. (Or make you mad with power, but you’ll still feel better.) Then there’s the mood enhancing benefits of having a cleaner space. Think of the way you feel sharper, and more productive after cleaning day… now apply that to the horrible alleyway you pass to work daily. 

So maybe these examples are a little bit odd, but they’re are far from the only ones. Tiptoe through Pinterest and instantly see what I mean. Look at the money saved for each taxpayer just by owning a blue bin. You’ll be shocked at what you learn. If it doesn’t make you better, it WILL make your life better.


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