How Should You Vape CBD?

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If you ask whether you can vape CBD oil, then the obvious answer will be yes, however, you cannot vape all kinds of CBD oil. You will get a rude shock if you go to any nearby shop and buy CBD oil and start vaping then it s quite possible that you may end up vaping the wrong product.

CBD shisha or CBD to vape can be bought from any shop like JustCBD store. CBD for vaping is a special CBD e-liquid only meant for vaping. So, while vaping CBD, you must know what is meant for vaping and you cannot mix things up.

Decide the amount of CBD to vape

The first important step before you vape CBD, you must know how much CBD to be vaped by you. If you vape a very little amount then perhaps you may not obtain the benefits that you are looking for.

Also, if you vape an extra amount of CBD, then you will unnecessarily waste your money and possibly may get certain side effects too. Therefore, the following few factors must be considered while determining proper CBD dosage amount for you.

  1. Your body weight

The bodyweight of the user is a very important factor to decide CBD dosage. Manufacturers generally recommend that a user must start with a dosage of 5mg/Kg of the bodyweight of the user. It should be taken daily 2 times a day.

The dosage can be slowly increased to the level of 10mg /kg of bodyweight again 2 times a day. This will be the starting point and as soon as the required benefit that you expected is noticed then you may remain stick to that dosage.

  1. The severity of your symptoms

How severe is your symptom for which you are preferring to use CBD is also another factor to consider. You must allow the seriousness of your condition and based on that you must decide how much CBD dose you must use.

For more severe symptoms, your dosage also should be much higher accordingly. In other words, you may use a dose of 5mg/kg daily if your symptom is mild but take 10mg/kg daily in case the symptoms are quite severe.

  1. Your body chemistry

Every individual has their own chemical constitutions, and based on that they may have different body chemistries and that will determine the sensitivity level differently. One person’s ECS system can be more or receptive or less receptive to CBD.

Whatever may be the cause of this varying sensitivity, each user must observe how they are responding to CBD and accordingly adjust their intake.

  1. Bioavailability

Bioavailability is another very important factor to consider. Bioavailability would mean that how much CBD will get utilized by your body, which is generally expressed in percentage. Different CBD vape oils have different bioavailability levels.

You can choose any kind of vaporizer for vaping CBD based on your budget and convenience. You can get various modern devices for vaping that you can also carry in your pocket while traveling.





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