Few Common Problems Noted while Using Plastic Bags

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Single use plastic bags are slowly fading away from daily use because of its few negative attributes enhancing the pollution of natural wonders of our planet. They are the byproducts of fossil fuels and are non-biodegradable thus aren’t a favorable thing to maintain pollution free environment.

A decade of awareness of non-beneficial qualities of single use plastics has brought in the availability of many items made by using organic material like reusable tote bags. The bags have multipurpose usage, are washable, possess long life span, strong to store many items, cost effective and available in all kinds of varieties.

That is the reason Custom Earth Promos online website that sells ecofriendly products are the best source to order reusable grocery bags bulk in quantity for using as promotional kit to boost up prosperity of trade.

Plastics bags were in use a few decades earlier because of their versatile use. They were water proof and superior quality plastic bags sturdy and strong to use anytime anywhere. However, they aren’t ecofriendly as they aren’t biodegradable. Hence, surely the bags are quite harmful for nature causing many environmental issues.

Few informative lines about why plastic bags were problematic for usage –

  • The plastic bags are toxic in nature. Once the bags were thrown away their negative effects spoilt the place wherever they were thrown. Millions of plastic shreds were lying on the bed of oceans, rivers and lakes suffocating the marine living organisms. They were lying in landfill in non decomposed form eventually polluting the earth crust.
  • Fishes in water used to eat this plastic material and were sooner lying dead on shores and river banks. Tons of plastic material are daily eaten by cattle leading them to endure many grave diseases and finally die. All of them had several kilos of plastic in their stomach.
  • Plastic bags were surely one of the reasons for emitting large proportion of carbon in the environment thus numerous kinds of adverse climatic conditions were experienced by living beings on the planet. Gallons of oil are used to manufacture this non-biodegradable plastic material, and hence nonrenewable fuels are wasted in making these materials.
  • Most of the plastic bags land up littered on ground and never reach the recycling warehouse. Thus, they are the prime reasons that spoil nature’s wonders like soil, air and water. This is because for decomposing a plastic bag fully it will take more than five centuries.
  • They remain in photo-degrade condition hidden in the earth crust or on water beds destroying the environment by absorbing toxins. Many marine living beings have been on the verge of extinction because of eating the plastic shredded particles in the water.
  • Millions of plastic bags are still in use in many developed countries. Thus, global warming and green house effects are some of the common environmental problems faced by living beings all year around.

There is a need to stop the usage of non biodegradable plastic bags to improve the air quality to prevent soil erosion and to safeguard our endless species of flora and fauna.

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