Modular Buildings – The future of construction? An increasing population and the need for affordable housing has raised the use of modular buildings as being the way forward. Modular construction is not a new idea. It gained popularity shortly after the Second World War. It was a time when there was a need to replace the many houses lost because of the bombing. Today, the idea of modular homes has gained a new popularity due to a need for more affordable housing. What is modular construction? Unlike more traditional bricks and mortar construction methods, modular construction is different. The reason for the difference is thisRead More →

v Weigh your business prerequisites Before discussing a tenancy you should first weigh your business demands .you need to list your firm’s up-to-date and projected future needs, and define your budget and ideal location. If you are indeterminate of immediate need, you should consider shorter tenancy at commercial property rental. v At all times involve a lawyer It’s life-threatening to include a viable lawyer in your occupancy dialogues. Commercial lawyers are always the best and do you know why? As they apprehend tenancy. Never involve friends or family law as they can complicate everything. Just stick on a commercial lawyer on tenancy matters. v AppreciateRead More →