The Secret of Successful Manufactured Home Selling

The Secret of Successful Manufactured Home Selling

One of the earliest realizations a real estate agent or seller must grasp is that manufactured homes are hard to sell. If you are new to selling manufactured homes, the below tips can help. Some of the tips can be too basic for you, especially if you are an experienced agent. Use the rest to strengthen your weak points.

Website for Insight

What website you choose to post your manufactured home listing is left to you but remember that customers want it to load faster. Many websites are slow, and graphics take a lot of time to download. It is therefore in your best interest to resist the urge of uploading huge photos of scenery around your house. Make sure to give your contact information on the website, even with the email you send to your potential buyers. Present a thumbnail sized photo of your manufactured home along with the email. It doesn’t have to show up every time you are emailing the same customer back and forth. Otherwise they will be annoyed watching the photo come through again and again – for the twentieth time.

Best Parking Technique

Any manufactured home community that you look around comes with limited parking space. So, decide where your customers will be parking when they come to see it. The best way for your customers to analyze the curb appeal is to park across the street, hence request them to do the same. Some manufactured communities have strict rules when it comes to trespassing. Beware of the rules and let the customers know as well. Choosing a good spot when you take your demonstration stance of the house helps a lot. You will miss many opportunities if they don’t find the community or front view inspiring.

Writing Can Go a Long Way

Real estate writing for manufactured homes is not for the faint of heart, and surely not for those who are unorganized. So, before you sell your home, gather all the specific details about what you want in your ad. You can’t write anything about your home until you know all its facts and how much space you are going to dedicate for the same. There is no much time to write about each and every corner of your house, so don’t waste space on details that you are not aware of. When writing ad, focus on the house’s strongest point and put it as the introduction. Keep the following interesting point somewhere in the middle to sustain interest. Between the start and the end, write all other details in a smooth order. The direction of writing should be dictated by the preceding sentence. The flow should be natural as well. For example, if you are writing about the furniture inside, do not jump at the car shed in the next line. Having begun inside, run through all the interior elements and only then finish off with exterior and landscaping style. The bottom line is to make the buyers act on your advertisement.

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