Selling The House In a Tough Market

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The real estate market just like the stock market is on a roller coaster ride right now, leaving only a handful of regions in the United States untouched. If you are a homeowner planning to sell your house in this rough and tough market, your anxiety is understandable but unfortunately unavoidable. For homeowners like you, there may be little or no choice but to welcome the reality, ride it out and see how things will turn out in the coming months, or maybe a year. 

Perhaps you need to sell that house quickly due to a job relocation or another inevitable reason. Maybe you have a hope somewhere deep inside that there is a willing buyer out there waiting to get hold of your house keys. Will you be lucky enough to sell it for a profit? Will the sale price cover the rest of your mortgage? If the sale doesn’t happen anytime soon, are you at risk of losing the house you love and adore to your lender? The information here may not bring in multiple bids to your property but will teach you how to avoid mistakes made by other sellers and attract prospects. With the right planning in place and a reliable residential real estate agent reno nv, you will be able to navigate through the difficulties and make a smooth sale. 

Pricing The Property Right 

Before, buyers mantra when browsing the real estate market used to be “location, location and location”. Things have changed since then. Now, it is all about “price, price and price”. If your house is not in the market at the right price from the start, potential buyers may not contact you or arrive at your open house. Even if they did, they will be extra cautious when looking around the house or having a conversation. 

Most home sellers believe that their house is better than the rest of the properties in the neighborhood. Some may even tour the neighborhood homes and conclude that they lack a particular feature or two exclusive to your property. So, they set the price high turning blind to its faults. These sellers are in denial as such and fail to look at the house through the eyes of potential buyers. 

Finding The Right Agent 

Another important factor often overlooked by most home sellers is finding a real estate agent to tend to the nitty-gritty details of selling the house. There are many reasons why you want an agent to handle the sale even if it means losing almost 6% of your home’s worth. Note that this is the commission dictated by today’s industry standards. Of course there are other cheaper and better options out there, but that is not the focal point here. As a home seller, you want someone to represent your interest and attract as many prospects as possible, open the house to each one of them, bring in the offers and negotiate – all of which needs a lot of time, money and other resources – that only a reliable agent can coordinate.

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