Real Estate Open House Tips And Advice

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How should you prepare your property for open house? If you are working with a real estate agent, they will mostly do all the hard work. If it is a FSBO sale, it is up to you. But how far should you go in sprucing up the house? Is it okay to bake cookies every time buyers are checking out the property? Or is it appropriate to have a lemonade stand in the front yard or bouncing house for the kids while their parents are inside? These are extremes, but not to say that such a move will never make sense. However, if you want to leave an impression on the potential buyers that you want to convey, be moderate when you are giving a finishing touch before the ultimate showing. 

After all, you want to make sure that buyers leave happily after seeing the house. You want the property to look good and enticing at the same time. A real estate agent for Office Development Services Dayton OH suggests considering some of these tips. Open curtains and turn on the lights to make everything look spacious. If the room is small and the windows are covered, taking down the curtains or blinds can help. At the entry way, make sure to keep a bottle of cleaning spray so when you see dust or dirt, the spray comes handy. Keep the spray in every room for a quick wipe-down as well. Better yet, use the spray with microfiber cloth. These clothes are easy to use and clean on any surface such as hardwood floors or kitchen countertops. Talking about countertops, ensure that these surfaces are free of clutter, and if possible get everything off these surfaces. 

Floor cleaning can be scheduled every two weeks but if you insist on doing to on your own, those little dust bunnies can come to your rescue for a quick cleanup. And don’t forget the trash. You don’t want the house smell like rotten eggs when there are visitors inside. Besides, empty trash bins with liners will look neat. Windows and doors should be cleaned as well. Sometimes, people or pets leave smudge marks on the glass doors. These may go unnoticed, so note down the task of cleaning glasses before opening the house for prospects. 

A house that is open to potential buyers should smell pleasant. Some people may not like the smell of strong fruits or flower. What you need is an air freshener that has a neutral and consistent aroma or an odor-neutralizing spray. After all, you want to create comfortable ambience, not make the house appear like a perfume store. Regarding ambience, a light music such as classical and jazz can set the right mood for the house tour. Make sure that the volume is not too high, but just enough to mask the outside traffic noise. Creating the right ambience also means setting the right temperature in every room – not too hot in summer and not too cold in the winter.


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