Living in Long Island, Upstate New York And New York City

Living in Long Island, Upstate New York And New York City

There are generally three regions of New York: Long Island, the Five Boroughs and Upstate New York. All of these regions tend to be very diverse in terms of socioeconomic groups, political ideologies, religious groups, ethnic groups and racial groups. You cannot really say that a region is “all this” or “all that.” However, there are general trends with each region that are worthy of being discussed. 

Upstate New York is most of the land in New York that sits on America’s mainland. Longitudinally, it is above Long Island and the Five Boroughs. It is known for its mountains, higher elevations, colder weather patterns and the fact that it is generally rural. There are more urbanized areas in Upstate New York, though the place is generally rural. Many areas exist where amenities are in short supply and populations of humans are low. There is a lot of wildlife, and there are opportunities to do farming and to go hunting. This is the perfect place for people who want to live in a very beautiful, prominent, tree-filled, mountainous landscape. Places like Manlius are good for people who want to have large plots of land and farming opportunities. You can find a real estate agent Manlius NY who will direct you to the right plot of land. Upstate New York is known for being “mostly white.” There are many neighborhoods that are, in fact, mostly white. However, there are also neighborhoods where colored people live, and there are also reservations where Native Americans live. 

Long Island is an island that exists off the east coast of the United States. The elevation is very low, and the southern shore of the island is susceptible to flooding, especially in hurricanes. Fortunately, hurricanes are very, very rare on Long Island. When they come, they tend to be lower-level hurricanes. There are some barrier islands that run along the coast of Long Island. These barrier islands take huge hits whenever hurricanes come by. Long Island includes suburban counties, as well as two New York City boroughs—Brooklyn and Queens. However, Brooklyn and Queens are not said to be “on Long Island.” The home prices tend to be relatively high when compared to the rest of the country and to Upstate New York. There is a public transit system on Long Island that is heavily connected to the Five Boroughs. Long Island is known for being mostly white, though some neighborhoods now have large populations of various types of colored people. There are many neighborhoods where colored people are slowly moving to. 

New York City is the third region of New York. Politically, it holds a lot of weight in the state, despite consisting of an amount of land that is only a fraction of the state. This is because the city is so overpopulated and full of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world. Financially, it is also the center of the world—or perhaps one of the centers of the world. There is a lot of money and value in New York City, and money certainly talks. Property values have skyrocketed, as well as rents—even in higher risk areas.


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