Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

It is time to sell your home. You have thought about it and processed what it means and now it is time to find a real estate agent. Wanting the most money for your home is natural and you want a real estate agent that not only understands the bottom line but can treat your home with respect. Real estate agents savannah ga are the best at what they do. Let’s review a list of what to look for in a real estate agent.

Real estate agents solve problems. The real estate agent you choose should be familiar with creative solutions or issues. Your home may not be perfect, so how can this real estate agent present the best in your house and soften its flaws? Making your home marketable for the MLS listings is necessary in order to attract the right buyers. 

Does the real estate agent have integrity? Honesty and integrity must be front and center in order to have a successful business relationship. One way to establish the boundary is to know which professional associations the real estate agent belongs to. If the agent has taken the time to be a part of an association then they truly enjoy what they do and want to adhere to a certain standard. 

When interviewing and finding an agent ask them what their interest is in architecture. Are they truly interested in houses? The agent should be able to hold a conversation about houses. This shows they are able to highlight the best of what your house has to offer. This is a rare advantage over others in the industry too. 

The real estate agent must have an engaging and upbeat personality. The personality does not have to be overly happy and feel like a commercial but must certainly be authentically interested in others. The real estate agent’s personality reflects their confidence and knowledge of the industry. 

If the real estate agent understands the local housing market for where your home is located this is a plus. They will know the nuances for the area. The market and pricing strategy differ per community. The real estate agent’s attention to detail is going to shine through when potential buyers roll up to your home. The curb appeal and home staging are under the leadership of the real estate agent. The agent will be attentive to this as well as leads. They are essentially orchestrating a symphony. The agent being able to pay attention to the details of what you need are going to show. 

Connections and networking must be in place. A real estate agent with no network is one who will not sell homes. Who is their audience? Does that audience match the type of home you are selling? A good agent has various types of networks and it must include other agents and brokers. Additionally, this will include home inspectors, mortgage loan officers, and appraisers – a full team that want your real estate agent to win. When they win, you win. 

How does your agent stay in the know of the latest information in real estate? The industry changes and they need to be up to date. If they continue their education and professional development, then they are serious about the craft of being a real estate agent. 


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