4 Ways Companies Can Reinvent Giveaway Events

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Giveaways are a great way to make your brand promotions fun and exciting. Studies have found that 75% of people who receive something for free will remember the brand for up to 12 months. Now, that’s a great way to make a lasting impression on our prospects. Nevertheless, not a lot of businesses know or leverage the right tools and technologies to organize their giveaways.

A lack of the right strategy and tools can make building successful giveaway campaigns tricky. While giveaways can be an effective promotional strategy and help create memorable brand messaging and positive perception, are you making the most out of giveaways?

If not, here are some ways to reinvent the conventional format of a giveaway to boost its effect.

  1. Associate The Giveaway With An Event

Offline marketing is often thought to be expensive and harder to track than online marketing. However, offline marketing presents a unique way to achieve a sense of trust by putting a face to your brand name. Nonetheless, you also don’t want to miss out on the massive online audience.

An ideal way to achieve both is by beginning the giveaway with an event and then taking it online. You can either create an event yourself or become part of a public event or holiday.

  1. Incorporate Contest Requirements

Another way to reinvent your giveaways is to add contest requirements. Add clear and short guidelines with all the rules of participation in an easy-to-understand yet appealing manner. It is also a good idea to set limitations on who can enter depending on your target audience’s ability and interests.

Additionally, don’t forget to be explicit about the number of winners and prizes. For example, it should be clear if there would be a product for five winners or a single winner for several products.

  1. An Equal Exchange

There are two ways to go about this. First, if you are holding an offline giveaway, consider choosing a prize that ties back to your company. Rather than picking an old prize, opt for one that will increase brand awareness. Award the winner with a product or service your company sells. For instance, if you sell cosmetics, giveaway a set of lipsticks, not a t-shirt. By aligning your prize with your brand, you attract genuinely interested people, not contest hunters.

Second, if you are hosting an online giveaway, ask the participant for something in return for a chance to win the giveaway. Perhaps, you want your participants to fill out a quick online survey, take a poll, or offer unbiased feedback on your products or services. This will help the participant feel like a part of your brand, feeling they have a voice in your organization, and thereby will be more willing to participate.

  1. A Time Limit

When organizing giveaways, give the participants a definite starting and ending date. Also include an exact time. Putting a time limit in place creates a sense of urgency and helps generate more interactions by motivating people to act without much consideration. Furthermore, it also eliminates questions about the last date to enter.

Contest marketing is all about supply and demand. Limited supply always equals increased demand. The scarcity, when paired with a limited timeframe, makes the prizes highly desirable, making more people want to participate.

Nevertheless, just because you have to put a time limit doesn’t mean you should comprise on making your giveaway more appealing. Only when you match the limitation with another irresistible aspect will people be more willing to participate in the giveaway. For instance, you can choose not to reveal the prize until the time limit passes to create a sense of curiosity, thereby increasing the ROI of giveaways.

Attract The Crowd With Giveaways

Giveaways are effective because they strike an emotional chord that encourages people to participate. Consumers are in for instant gratification, feel-good emotions, and a chance to win something. By hosting a giveaway that aligns with all those needs can help you generate greater ROI.

Furthermore, what you give away is as crucial as all the other aspects of organizing a giveaway. Make sure the prize you offer is unique, original, and practical. Additionally, it should be something that can easily be associated with your brand and industry.

Lastly, remember that every business is different. Don’t give up if things don’t go as planned the first time. Try until you see the results you need. Test different prizes, rules, times of the year, and content. Sooner or later, you will be where you want to be.

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