Requirements For Landscaping And Fences

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Fences are an interesting part of our society because we hardly know anything about their whereabouts and where exactly they came from. They divide spaces and land so that people who share the earth know whose property is whose. They create boundaries between neighbors and to a lacking extent prevent petty offenses like loitering and trespassing, but they also break. Thanks to the art of fence repair colorado springs co the good that is brought out from installing and maintaining a fence can continue as a pattern through out time as far as our respect for each others boundaries are concerned even if its so thoroughly conditioned within social tradition. The curiosities of landscaping one of these fences can not be willingly denied. How to landscape and repair a fence, identifying what a fence is exactly, and the history of fences will be the subject matters discussed in this article. 

What is a fence? According to Wikipedia a fence is not a wall. A fence can be made with different materials such as boards, wires, rails, and netting. A variety of fences equals a variety of functionalities such as keeping live stock in, keeping predators out, redirecting high energy exhaust from a jet engine, reducing sound pollution, and privacy fencing for the safety of the community to give a few examples. Landscaping these fences can be brought up in various locations as well such as airports, military bases, swimming pools, zoos, and prisons. 

What is the history of landscaping a fence? Well according to a document fences in old England were used to allow slaves to occupy a portion of the land they toiled on but soon enough government made it legal for the wealthy to extend their ownership to possess the land without the responsibility of providing their slaves with the land they toiled on. In America things initially started out a little differently. When Britain came to America the land they possessed was marked as theirs with a fence and anything out side the fences belonged to the government by law. However the land was available to new landowners for free or for an easy price if they were able to improve the landscape that they bought from the government which included the betterment of their fences. Another thing about the historical laws of the United Kingdom was that the cattle of the land owners needed to be kept inside their fences because it was their responsibility to do that. That was not the case for common land because cattle that roamed outside the fences in common land became the responsibility of those who lived outside their fences. The landscape of these parts are mostly now national preserves in the area of the United Kingdom. 

Now how does one repair a fence? It all depends on the material. For instance a wood fence would need to be scrubbed with a brush and bleach whereas metal fences need to be scrubbed with a wire brush and strong household detergent instead. Nonetheless it is imperative to repair and maintain the landscape and exterior of a fence.


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