How to Find a Good Arborist

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Many homeowners do not understand the intricacies of landscaping. They think if they plant a tree its as easy as digging a hole. An arborist will tell you differently, however, but that is because they are in the business of trees. An arborist is a landscaper whose specialty is trees. They know how to properly water them, prune them, plant them, and remove them. If you watch a video of a DIYer falling out of a tree while the branch they were cutting falls on their house you will understand the need of a good arborist. Here are five key tips in choosing the best one for your trees. 

Check for Certification 

An arborist has to have certification otherwise they are just someone who prunes trees for a living. Certification means that they have been specially trained in the maintenance and care of a wide variety of trees. They worked beside other arborists to learn the trade and have passed whatever tests are required to garner the certification they hold. This is important as it is the difference between a trained professional and a yard worker. If you put a lot of money into your landscaping, or happen to have rare trees that require special attention, you will want a certified professional to work on them. 

Licensing and Insurance 

Just as with general landscaping an arborist has to be licensed and carry proper insurance to work. This protects you from liability as it covers any damage done to your property or injury to the contractor. You will be in the clear and any repairs will not come out of your pocket. Using an arborist without necessary credentials leaves you open to extra costs should the job go wrong. 

Ratings and Reviews 

An arborist is a different animal than a general landscaper. Some professional landscapers are certified arborists or have one in their employ. If trees are a specific need for your yard you will want to ensure whatever company you choose carries the arborist specialty. This can be done with a simple internet search for an arborist Shelton CT

Once you have found services with your special need covered it is time to vet them. An internet search will provide you plenty of ratings and reviews. If the reviews are favorable and the ratings high then the service is reliable. It served other consumers well and will most likely do the same for you. Odds are the service will also be legitimate and carry the proper credentials. Poor rating and unhappy reviews are the leftovers of bad service. As lackluster care an damage your trees permanently this is the type of service you want to avoid. 

Warning Signs 

Always be on the lookout for a lack of proper credentials, fake references, and poor customer service. If you cannot find a contractors license or insurance anywhere it is probably because they do not have it. Credentials like insurance, licensing, and certification are always proudly displayed. If the service has poor customer service you cannot expect a good job. Finally, a service should have references available from researchable sources. If the on site review is from Dave no last name it is probably not real.


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