The Progression Of The Air Conditioner

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In recent history air conditioning has been both a regular and critical aspect of human life. Without the comforts of the air conditioner we would not enjoy our work conditions nearly as much as we do now with the existence of these things being installed by HVAC contractors. From the time this mechanism was brought forth to alleviate common illnesses to the design that it has been advanced to today the air conditioner has improved the lives of over one hundred million Americans thanks to any best heating and air conditioning st paul that exists in modern times. In this article we will be discussing the history of the air conditioner, the identity of the air conditioner, and how a HVAC contractor installs one of these amazing machines. 

What is an air conditioner? Well according to Wikipedia an air conditioner is a machine that takes the moisture and heat inside of a house or building and transports it into the outer area of the house so that the inside of the perimeter is left with only the cold air. Many confuse it happening the other way around where the air conditioner puts cold air into the room but in reality it takes hot air out of the room or indoor area so that the only thing that remains is the cooler air. The occupants involved in this process are the benefiters as they and their pets can now enjoy refreshing indoor air to suit their body temperature needs. Air conditioners that HVAC contractors install not only provide comfort to the people receiving the cold air but it can also protect electronic equipment and precious material that could potentially over heat like a computer servicer, power amplifier, or even precious artwork. 

So how does one install an air conditioner? One of the most common air conditioners is the window installed air conditioner so we will use this as an example. According to documentation the first step an HVAC contractor takes on is actually balancing the air conditioner on top of the windowsill. This is made possible because on the air conditioner there are hinges located at the bottom of the unit which fits right over the bottom part of the window, therefore creating a firm grip for the unit to rest on. After that an HVAC contractor will drill the unit into the top part of the window carefully so the wood around the drill bit does not crack or break in any way. The final steps are simple because all that a HVAC contractor needs to do is to pull the curtains apart and to put a foam block where the space is between the unit and the top part of the windowsill. 

The history of the air conditioner is an interesting one because it’s original purpose was not to provide comfort to the individual but to prevent malaria in sick patients while simultaneously keeping them more at ease. The ice the air filtered through in order for cool air to be created was sent in from Northern America to Florida or the air conditioner would not work. Thanks to the growing industry and HVAC contractors this is no longer the case.


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