Cowhide Rugs Will Transform Your Home Interior

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Our homes are a reflection of our characters and personalities. We paint the walls in our favorite colors, hang paintings that capture our imaginations, as well as furnishing the house with comfortable furniture, pillows, and blankets we crocheted ourselves. What about the floor, though?

While some homeowners prefer carpeted floors, the vast majority go for hard wood floors. However, the beauty of hardwood is difficult to notice, when our feet are cold. We opt for rugs, although not many people consider a cowhide rug. Let’s consider them.

Benefits Of Cow Hide

Rugs made from the hide of a cow offer homeowners many benefits:

• Each hide is totally unique. No two animals are the exact same in markings, color, distribution of markings, or tone. Homeowners will know no one else has such a rug.

• Cowhide rugs are hypo-allergenic. Most allergies are to the chemicals used in tanning the skin. Leather allergies are pretty rare, so any reaction to a hide might be caused by synthetic hides rather than natural ones.

• They’re durable. Cattle have evolved over millions of years. They’re used to whatever weather and other conditions the planet can throw at them. Their hides reflect this in their durability.

How To Decorate A Home With A Cowhide Rug

Before homeowners run to the nearest big box store to buy a rug, they should understand a few basic facts about home decoration. Sure, the colors need to be complementary, and the rug should protect the floor. What should homeowners know about decorating considerations?

Will The Rug Be The Focal Point Of The Room?

Small rooms can be overpowered by glaring decorative touches. Larger rooms, on the other hand, need something to pull it all together without overpowering any one thing. Cow hide, with all its colors and personality, belongs in a large room, where it can be the focal point of the room.

The rug should stand alone, however, so visitors can take in the colors, patterns, and personality of the rug. Placing it in front of the fireplace, for example, wouldn’t detract from the room’s decor. Such a rug would look nice beside a bed for use on cold mornings.


Most homeowners place rugs beneath dining room tables and coffee tables in the living room. This is not a good idea with rugs made from cows’ hides. These rugs should be placed in locations in which the decorating elements don’t vie with each other for supremacy. Hallways and large rooms are ideal places to allow the character of the rug to stand out.

Place No Furniture On The Rugs

Homeowners buy a cowhide rug for its beauty and novelty. Unfortunately, they then hide that beauty beneath large dining tables or coffee tables. If homeowners want their rugs beneath such tables, make sure the tables are glass. Then your rug will shine through the glass in all its glory.

Rustic, Contemporary, Or Traditional Decor?

Farmhouse decor is trending now. Homeowners wishing to mix rustic or contemporary with traditional decor needn’t sacrifice barn doors or farmhouse islands to achieve the look. Cow hide rugs blend nicely with almost any home decor without looking awkward.


While animal skin rugs are durable and unique, they are also easy to clean. Just vacuum them once every couple weeks or shake them out, and homeowners will have a great look that won’t go out of style next year.

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