Types of Fences and Fencing Services

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Fencing has been extensively embraced in the modern world. Fencing a land helps demarcate your land from other pieces of lands. The type of fencing depends on the needs of an individual who needs the fence.

What is a Fence?

A fence is a built structure that encloses an area, which is mainly outdoor. The construction of a fence is done by mounting posts into the ground and connecting wires or boards onto the posts. A fence is different from a wall in that a fence does not have a solid foundation like a wall. At times when the land is large, ditches may be used as fences. The ditches are constructed, and then water added into this ditches.


Fencing Services Providers


Fencing exercise is very complex. Due to that, it should be done by experienced people. Various companies offer fencing services. Choosing the best people among all these companies needs one to do a careful selection. There are many fencing providers like Fencing Services Lawsonville NC that are available to help.

Types of Fences


Fences are divided into different categories depending on the type of fence construction material and the function of the fence. Some of the commonly known fences are mentioned below:First is the use of a chain link fence. This is a galvanized wire that has been coated with steel. The wire runs vertically and it is intertwined at some point forming a zigzag pattern. The formed pattern results in shapes that look like a diamond. The installation of this fence is by drilling holes into the ground and then attaching the fence on the poles.Secondly, is the use of an electric fence. Electric fences are dangerous but among the most secure fences. The fence needs specialists for its installation. Electric fence works under a principle of causing electric shocks. When the fence is touched by a person, the person completes the circuit due to the earthling effect. This leads to a shock being created to the individual. The fence is mostly used in parks and serene hotels.The third type of fencing is by the use of barbed wire. This is a type of fence that is characterized by a steel wire. The steel wire has sharp knobs that have been fixed on to it. The sharp knobs are used to provide protection whenever an animal or a person wants to pass through the fence. Installation of this type of fence is by attaching the wire onto poles that have been drilled into the ground.


Fences are used for various functions. Among the most common reasons for fencing is providing safety and security, to direct any movement whenever the need arises, keeping off livestock from plantation especially by agricultural fences, and providing privacy in matters of property. The type of fence chosen depends on the need of the individual.



It is important for one to have a fence of his or her choice depending on the need of the fence. Whenever a need for a fence arises, look for experienced installers to do the work. Experienced service providers will install long lasting fences.


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