What You Should Know When Choosing A Damage Contractor

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A major catastrophe can turn your home from a place of safety to a place you no longer recognize. Whether your home has experienced water damage, fire, smoke or mold damage, you’ll need an expert to make your home whole again. Search crawl space waterproofing reading pa for more information. There are several things you should know when seeking out a damage contractor. 

Make sure the contractor you choose specializes in your particular damage. Repairing damage your home has sustained requires a special skill-set and equipment. The builder who built your home is not necessarily the best contractor to repair the damage. 

Insurance Repairs 

If you’ve experienced a home disaster, chances are your insurance company is involved in the restoration process. Make sure the contractor you hire has experience with the insurance claims process. A contractor who has experience working with insurance companies will be a huge asset. They will have an understanding of the covered work and the guidelines your insurance company has set. 

Choose The Best Damage Contractor 

When a disaster has happened, it’s natural to want to work as quickly as possible to bring things back to normal. But it is important to take your time in choosing the best damage contractor. Make sure the contractor has the experience, skills and equipment your damage requires. Be sure they are licensed and insured. You can check with your county’s building authority to verify this information. You also want to make sure the contractor’s insurance is valid and in effect. Verify that the contractor carries workers compensation insurance. There may be many sub-contractors involved in the project. The homeowner could incur liability for accidents or injuries on the property if the contractor is not insured. By vetting the contractor from the start, your loss will be handled properly. 


Ask the contractor for references. A professional contractor should be able to provide the names of two to three recent customers. Another resource for references is the Better Business Bureau. If the contractor is a member, he has to be in good standing to retain that membership. Also, online reviews from several sources may prove helpful. If the contractor has too many negative reviews, of course you should not use that damage contractor. 


Ask for a written estimate. Also, pay attention to the fine print in the contract. Make sure any verbal promises from the contractor are stated in the contract. If any permits are required, that should be stated in the contract as well. The contract should also document details of the materials that will be used and any specialized tasks that will be done. The contractor should also take full responsibility for clean-up of the work area. 


Make sure the warranty is in writing. The damage contractor should go over the full details of the warranty to ensure you understand. A good contractor will offer a warranty on the work that was performed. Be sure to keep a copy of the warranty that you can refer back to later in case of problems.


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