The Importance of Repairing Septic Tank Drain Pipes

The Importance of Repairing Septic Tank Drain Pipes

Septic tanks are made up of various components that constitute a functional mechanism capable of managing water management responsibly. If one component of a septic tank malfunctions or becomes damaged, the performance of the rest of the system will be affected. A drain field pipe is an integral septic tank component that is important to the overall functioning and performance of a septic system. A drain field pipe allows filtered liquid waste to be distributed into the septic field to undergo the last step of purification that happens underground. 

Drain fields consist of parallel running pipes that are used to perform draining and emptying duties. There are porous pipes that prevent solid waste from being released into the field while allowing liquid waste to be swiftly carried out for distribution. There are instances in which these drain pipes get clogged with different contaminants such as grease, oil, and various chemicals. Clogs can result in expensive and extensive repairs. Drain field pipes are delicate and can also be damaged by the following; heavy objects above ground, (cars or constant traffic), and the presence of storage sheds above a region housing septic tank components. 

Significant damage to your septic tank’s drain field pipes can result in a terrible problem such as sewer overflow. Some of the consequences of malfunctioning septic tanks include; contamination, puddling water, odorous smells, sewer backup, and even excessive moisture. To avoid these problems, you will need to take action timely as soon as you notice something wrong with your drain pipes. When septic tanks are unable to complete their purification cycle, the sewage and bacteria will eventually creep into the soil causing pollution and disruption. Other than this being an environmental hazard, it is also a human hazard. 

Property and homeowners who live in jurisdictions that fall outside a municipality, or areas that are not connected to a public sewer treatment system have to depend on the services of a septic tank to remove wastewater from the property or home. While septic tanks work independently, they may develop problems due to lack of maintenance. in the onset of this, property owners are expected to seek the services of experienced and qualified plumbers to identify the root cause of the problem then make the necessary repairs. By seeking the services of any Septic Tank Drainfield Repair sarasota fl specialists, commercial and residential property owners are assured of professional services as the repair technicians understand the functioning of the septic tanks. 

During the servicing of a septic tank, knowing how drain pipes function is essential for a number of reasons. First, there are drain pipes that supply wastewater rich in nitrogen and phosphorus which are essential since they are plant fertilizers. The drain pipes that carry this fertilizer rich water extend from the septic tank into the soil thereby leaving sludge in the septic tank. After locating this drain pipe, the repair technicians have to drain off the sludge and dispose it off permanently before the repair and maintenance works begin. After the repair property owners are advised to carry out regular servicing of the septic tank to prevent similar problems.

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