Subdivided Land And Its Legalities

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In the world of construction there is a huge deficit in what we as a people know about divided land. It is often out of sight and out of mind because when we see land we only see the ground and maybe a few trees but there is real information that we as humans have placed upon land and that is what we will be diving into today. In this article we will be discussing what land divisions south australia are and what the history is behind dividing land to begin with right along with learning how to actually divide the land up. 

What is land dividing? Well according to Wikipedia land dividing is also referred to as subdivision and it is when there is a split in land either right before or long before the sale of that land. It could be any type of land and typically the owner of the land is still the owner of both parts of the land during and after the split in between the two spheres of land. The purpose of subdivisions is to increase the development and the growth of the land to increase its value. In the Philippines the act of dividing land was to ration out areas of land for those who want to stay there as residents. 

What is the history of divided land in the United States? Well according to documentation the subdivision of a land was often times only the beginning of something that oftentimes became a new town or city. This also ensured that the city development did not over grow into the territory of farmers and other country venues. This was often times referred to as the lot and block survey system. Later on the standard city planning enabling act was set into motion and the effects of this ensured the order of planning commissions, the master plan, provisions for a master street plan, the approval of all street improvements, control of private subdivision, & the creation of regional planning. The act that was passed stated that subdivision was a division in multiple areas of the land. The act also stated that subdivision was intended for the purpose of selling the land at a later time. 

In dividing the land it drew a distinction between what land was where and it also positively created boundaries so that passersby realized where the farmland ended and where the city space ended. It seemed to be the first conotacol step towards forging a new city and thus affirmed that there was progress to be made in building both a community and encouraging the overall development and growth of the landscape in general. The subdivision may not be a physical line but an invisible one held up by the hands of the law and observed and adhered to by the people thereof. There is no better joy in the world than to discover the remarkable facts that constituted the purposes of subdivision and the growth potential it offers.


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