Improving your Home? Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Improving your Home? Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Remodeling or redesigning your home can be one of the biggest success stories of your life. But if not initialized and engaged correctly the task can become one of the worst head-ache stories of your life. When attempting to make home improvements or add-ons, there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. The hiring of a properly licensed construction contractor will be a critical step to determine while attempting to stay in your budget and still have satisfaction when the job is done. So you really want to get estimates and ask questions for example “Do we need permits”? And if it is a full-service contractor you may want to know “will you be using subcontractors”?. 

One very simple but crucial step would be to inquire to family, friends, associates of any major home improvement they have had and the different contractors they used according to the work they have had done. Let’s say you lived in Naples Florida and you needed a specialty contractor that specializes in only window installs and replacements? You would definitely want a licensed professional with years of experience and good rating under his belt doing business out of Naples Florida. So you may use the local phone directory or your devices voice search and come up with results like impact windows in naples fl. After coming up with your choice it is then your responsibility to research the company itself, check reviews, complaints etc. 

In dealing with larger projects you want to make sure that the prospective company is aware of all city codes to prevent any inspection citations or delays, you want to make sure the company can handle a project of your size, how many projects of your size have they completed and refferences they have to these completed projects. And you also want to know the number of projects or workload they may have going on and an estimated time of your projects completion. If doing an add-on you will definitely want a design architect or company that provides both design and construction to utilize your available space. Another thing you may want to inquire about is whether the company is in good standing with material suppliers and financial institutions. 

It is important for your satisfaction that all these variables are in positive place because again, as in possible code violations the results can make the difference in having a expediant job and having to possibly spend extra monies on shelter(if applicable) until your job is completed. You want to request written estimates of cost and turn-around time from perspective contractors and a written contract with full company contact information, any and all company policies, any terms discussed and agreed upon while choosing, and your 3 day right to cancel statement where applicable. You should never pay with cash and even if financing only pay the minimal down payment. It would also be wise to keep any and all contracts, revisions, and payment receipts and correspondence with your contractor accessible.


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