Give Your Home A New Look

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Don’t just put up with the way your home looks. Give it a “facelift”. Tires of caulking, scraping, and painting? Sure, you can change up the colors every few years, but is it really that much fun, and or safe? So, what are your options?

Give that old house a “New” look. Everyone will think you rebuilt your house, if you re-side it. There are many benefits to this. No more painting, and yearly maintenance. The neighbors will be jealous. It also protects your home to give it longevity. It provides insulation, to keep heat, and air conditioning in.

Some people use brick facing, however bricks tend to make the house extra warm in the Summer months, therefore, driving up the cooling costs. Vinyl siding can also be used on windows too. No need to scrap, caulk, and paint them anymore either. Not only does vinyl siding protect and give your home an updated look. It also increases the value, and marketability of your home. Vinyl siding also lasts in most cases, a lifetime, with proper upkeep. It also does not fade from the sun’s rays. 

Vinyl siding is a great thing to do to increase the sale value of your home, if interested in selling it. Some people think extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen remodeling sells a home. These things do, however, the costs incurred far outweighs the benefits of just vinyl siding. If you left the wood exterior, and re did rooms inside, it won’t sell as fast as the exterior appearance. This is because nine times out of ten, people want to redo the interior anyway, and you may have wasted your time.

Still not sold on vinyl siding? Check out some good home magazines to get all the pros and cons of getting it done. The only real “con”, is the fact, that once you pick a color, you are stuck, unless of course you really want to change, (not recommended). Vinyl siding is now available in a wide range of colors, unlike when it first came out, and everyone’s houses looked the same. It also comes in different thicknesses, and textures, like wood grain, so you are not limited, in your siding choices. 

If you live in Iowa, specifically the Des Moines area, look up, vinyl siding des moines ia companies to find a reputable installer near you. You can check out home improvement review sites in your area to see all the reviews of each company. Remember to keep an open mind, when reading reviews. Sometimes people like to over exaggerate their experiences with a company. Ask your friends, family members, and even coworkers, who they used to get their home done. 

Always remember to make a list of everything you want done. Get estimates for what you can afford now and want to add later. They may make you a deal on full wrapping if you ask. Find an installer today! 


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