Tips for First time buyer

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Hi. Are you a first time car buying?? It is ain’t easy to buy a car without any information. Take the wrong decision will

make you regret for many years. Buying a car is such a big decision of your life especially when you will use it for the rest

of your life.

This is the tips that you can use when buy car for the first time

  1. It ain’t easy to get a car loan for first time buyer especially when your salary is not stabil. Make some higher deposit

or get guarantor which is earn stabil income.

  1. Select the right car. You must know how the car be used for your life. Don’t buy just using your friend recommend. It is

your car, you must know the suitable for you.

  1. If you have cash, then use it. Loans just make the price higher. The car value won’t easily increase so let’s buy cash if

you can afford it.

  1. You must know your budget . Calculate the loan . Make sure that the loan is not higher than 1/4 your income. If you not

valued this, you will get problem in your finance.

  1. Research from many shop and compare it. Mostly, the car price is same for the product but try searching.
  2. Don’t come lonely. If you are first time buyer and don’t have any experience about engine and loan, get a friend who know about this. There’s no turning back if you sign their agreement..

Okay, that’s all. Other’s tips you can review here:

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