Smart home is based on the house, using the Internet of Things, edge computing, AI, network communication technology, network security, automatic control technology, audio and video technology, etc. to integrate home-related facilities to build convenience, comfort, safety, health Home environment. Smart home system is mainly composed of the following systems: 1. Light control system; 2. Smart curtain system; 3. Environmental control system; 4. Home appliance control system; 5. Background music system; 6. High-definition sharing system; 7. Private theater System; 8, intelligent access control system; 9, security alarm system; 10 garden irrigation system. All these subsystems work in an orderly manner under the unified control ofRead More →

Hi.. Hi. Are you a first time car buying?? It is ain’t easy to buy a car without any information. Take the wrong decision will make you regret for many years. Buying a car is such a big decision of your life especially when you will use it for the rest of your life. This is the tips that you can use when buy car for the first time It ain’t easy to get a car loan for first time buyer especially when your salary is not stabil. Make some higher deposit or get guarantor which is earn stabil income. Select the right car. YouRead More →